Pregnant again?!…

Dear second piece of haven!

When I got the news of your existence, I can’t tell I was happy. I was frightened to death … It had been a very difficult period for me the previous year and I wasn’t ready for an even greater engagement. Anyway, I found my strength at your wonderful father and our wonderful families who, without the slightest reluctance, offered me all the support I needed to welcome you with the same desire, love and optimism I had for your big brother…

To my surprise, everything has been easier with you. You were not an obstacle for any of our initiatives, but you came as a good omen to give us a series of achievements that we had this year. Today I breathe freely, I am happy, accomplished, complete. You are a miracle I wish anyone could have in their life!You are mommy’s life, daddy’s little boy and the most sincere life friend of your brother. Your sensitivity, kindness, smiles, caresses and love can enlighten the whole world. 

You are a special child my son! I don’t know what have I done to deserve so many blessings and love but I am grateful to my life ….
May God give you good health, long life ,joy and good luck! 




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