Pregnant at the beach

Vacation Mode: ON!Yeaaah!… Upss…I’m pregnant….

Future moms can enjoy the sea and the beach like other women. It’s important to be careful about some indications and warnings.
Particular attention must be paid to feeding, hygiene and any pressure swings. Pregnant women should never sit on the shore, on the beach or on the cot without having previously placed a beach towel, which must be personal.
Here are the 10 rules for future moms, indicated to spend a day at the beach without any risk:

1.Avoid exposure to sunshine during the hottest hours of the day, between 11 am and 4 pm;

2.Spread on your face a cream of the right level of protection to avoid the formation of stains on the skin,  destined to remain;

3.Hydrate your body by drinking about 2 liters of water each day;

4.Avoid alcoholic drinks, even the simple aperitif;

5.Do not eat raw fish or seafood to avoid the risk of hepatitis;

6.Swimming can be a good way to keep active lower blood circulation circulatory;

7.Don’t overload the stomach with very heavy or hard to digest meals. Prefer a lightweight diet divided into multiple moments of the day. It is advisable to consume fruits and vegetables above all, avoiding too sugary fruits, such as pineapples and figs;

8.Considering the headache as an alarm bell and moving away from the beach as early as possible, it may be an effect of excessive solar exposure;

9.Also be aware of possible pressure drops, which can also be caused by solar exposure;

10.Always lay a personal towel on the sand or on the cot / deck chair before resting to avoid infections.



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