28 Days Body Mission

Figuactiv Body Mission by LR

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Innovative nutritionally balanced overall concept for a successful and delicious diet

Some diets are so monotonous that the initial enthusiasm already withers after a few days. Others are very time-consuming to prepare or simply fail to deliver the desired result. Nobody says that losing weight is child’s play, but you can choose the easiest possible way in order to make dieting more pleasant and successful.

28-days-package for a balanced diet

With Figuactiv Body Mission, LR Health & Beauty, a leading supplier of high-quality beauty and health products in direct sales, now offers a well-balanced, nutritional programme which makes it easier to keep up a diet. Figuactiv Body Mission is simple, fast and efficient. To achieve this, the nutrition experts of LR have developed a well-balanced overall package which unites all essential factors and scientific findings. The concept consists of three components: “meals”, “supplementing products” and “extras”. The varied meal substitution products have been compiled for a 28-days-diet and the nutritional supplements help to keep it up. The extras provide practical tips, valuable background information, nutrition plans and a recipe database. These extras come in the form of an online diet manager which serves as a virtual support and helpful motivator on the way to achieving your personal desired weight.

Fun does not fall by the wayside

The products included in the Figuactiv Body Mission concept are varied and tasty. Warm and cold, sweet and savoury, creamy and crunchy meals help losing weight. Everyone will find something to keep up their motivation without interruption. The principle of the diet could not be simpler. Two of three meals per day are substituted by Figuactiv products. The third meal consists of a freshly made dish. The choice is supported by the online diet manager which offers numerous suitable recipes for you to try at home. The LR experts have paid special attention to the balance of nutrients and preferably put high-fibre and low-carbohydrate food on the menu.

Diversity and variety pay off

In addition to creamy shakes with valuable ingredients, which are available in the flavours strawberry-banana, latte macchiato and vanilla, the hearty Figuactiv soups add variety to the dieting routine. You can choose between potato, tomato and vegetable curry soup. You can enrich the shakes with low-sugar fruits and the soups with vegetables and herbs for an extra bite and a more varied taste experience. Figuactiv Vital Crunchy Cranberry which can be mixed with yoghurt and, with its fruity bits of cranberry, tastes like crunchy muesli, also provides variety. For dieters on the go, the practical Figuactiv bars with crunchy caramel, strawberry-yoghurt or nougat taste are a convenient replacement for a wholesome meal.

LR Figuactiv Bodymission

Smart diet companions and handy helpers

For its Figuactiv Body Mission, LR has developed smart diet companions which all fulfil their own special function. Figuactiv herbal fasting tea, for instance, is perfectly suited to comply with the daily intake of 1.5 litres of low-calorie drinks recommended by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. (German Nutrition Society). Since the body is prone to hyperacidity during a diet and cannot burn fat if overly acidified, ProBalance supplies valuable minerals to ensure a regulated acid-base balance. The Figuactiv Protein Drink contains protein which helps maintain muscle mass. Those who wish to put an end to a rumbling stomach and episodes of food cravings can also order the low-calorie and high-fibre snack Figuactiv Linée +3.

Information and motivation – also on the go

For many people, dieting is a lonely mission. At most, they are accompanied by their weaker self which needs to be conquered. With this is mind, LR has launched the online diet manager. It accompanies slimmers with every step and is always available – also on the smartphone. At www.body-mission.com, the online diet manager provides diet plans and recipes, shows your progress, informs and motivates, brings the diet plans back to mind and celebrates your success. A personal access code to the diet manager is included in every Figuactiv Body Mission package.

A taste of high quality made in Germany

The formulas of the shakes, soups and bars have been developed according to strict quality requirements. In this vein, Figuactiv can contribute to supplying the body with all essential nutrients. But not only the formula of the Figuactiv concept complies with the high quality standards. The ingredients of the LR products are of constant high quality as well. This is certified by LR’s comprehensive internal and external quality assurance. The company operates one of the most state-of-the-art research and development centres, in which thousands of microbiological, chemical and physical tests are conducted every year.

The Figuactiv Body Mission package at a glance

Meal substitution products
2 x Figuactiv Shakes of your choice, 450g tin
1 x Figuactiv Soup of your choice, 500g tin
1 x Figuactiv Vital, 450g tin
1 x Figuactiv Bar of your choice, 6 x 60g

Diet companions
1 x Figuactiv Herbal Fasting Tea, 250g
1 x Figuactiv Protein Drink, 375g tin
1 x ProBalance, 360 tablets

The Figuactiv 28-days Body Mission package including the online diet manager and a shaker is available at a total price of EUR 234.99.

LR Health & Beauty

Under the motto “More quality for your life“, the LR Group with headquarters in Ahlen/Westphalia produces and markets various health and beauty products in around 28 countries. The range includes care and decorative cosmetics, dietary supplements and perfumes. In the fragrance segment, the company, which was in founded in1985, has established exclusive cooperations with celebrities such as Guido Maria Kretschmer, Karolina Kurkova and Bruce Willis. With 1,100 employees as well as thousands of registered sales partners and customers, LR is one of Europe’s leading direct sales enterprises. Since 2014, LR products are also available at the company’s customer online shop. LR’s strong market position is based above all on a high-quality product range and an attractive bonus and training plan which is unsurpassed in the industry. LR also established the LR Global Kids Fund e.V. which provides efficient and unbureaucratic support for deprived children and their families in many different countries around the world in  cooperation with local institutions.

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