Lightning Collection decorated with Swarovski® Crystals

A sparkling fragrance collection

The combination of fragrance and crystal is perfect. Therefore LR has decided to decorate the soulful and stunning fragrances of the Lightning Collection with Crystals from Swarovski®. Each fragrance of the Lightning Collection – Essence of Marine, Essence of Rose and Essence of Amber – embodies a world of mood, light and atmosphere. The three elegant flacons with color-matched Swarovski® Crystals are a real eye-catcher.

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Essence of Amber The inspiring sparkle of moments of unlimited vitality. The Swarovski® Crystals with the look of amber let the scent "Essence of Amber" shine in a warm light and embodies a harmonious overall appearance. Amber is known as the stone of vitality and believes in the good. ORIENTAL. POWDERY. PASSIONATE.


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Essence of Rose The sensual and enchanting sparkle of romantic moments. Three eye-catcher in the bottle: Also the scent "Essence of Rose" is decorated by the Crystals from Swarovski®. The pink crystals stand for the gemstone rose quartz. According to the Greek and Roman mythology, the rose quartz has been brought to earth by the God of love, in order to give love to the people. FLORAL. FRUITY. SENSUAL.


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Essence of Marine The enlightening sparkle of moments of magical clarity. This fresh fragrance is decorated with three blue Swarovski® Crystals. They symbolize the gemstone aquamarine. Old legends tell, that aquamarine strengthens the self-confidence as well as the intuition and that it symbolizes spiritual growth, prevision and foresight. AQUATIC. FLORAL. ENLIGHTENING.



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