Are you interested in a part-time job? Do you want to gain some extra income? Do you want to profit from flexible working hours?

LR as proven part-time job

Part-time working with LR is perfect for setting up an attractive and safe extra income. Whether you undertake this second job in addition to your main occupation, as part-time job during studies or for supplementing your pension, is up to you. 

Fixed working hours or timetables often make it difficult to find an appropriate second job because working times are generally overlapping. However, not with LR. With LR, your second job commences when you have time! Freely chosen working hours are one of the major advantages if you are interested in a second job with LR. Further advantages of a part-time job with LR:

Bild Fliesstext Collection
  • total independence from store hours
  • sustainable and sound extra income
  • perspectives with regard to attractive increase in income

Over 100,000 people around the globe work part-time for LR. The income you generate depends on the time you invest and on your commitment. Extra income of EUR 400 per month and above is easily possible with LR.

Contact me:

Instagram: edras_closet

Facebook: Edra’S Closet


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