Body Mission


Step by step
to the desired weight

You want to look more attractive and feel good in your body? The LR LIFETAKT Body Missionaccompanies you on your way to the desired figure and supports you in achieving your goals1.

Basic Solution:

Whether you lose only a few kilos or several sizes of clothing – with the Body Mission you can achieve your goal without sacrificing enjoyment and taste!

You simply want to achieve your desired weight? LR LIFETAKT Body Mission. Your daily plus for a new, attractive body feeling.

The LR LIFETAKT Body Mission helps you achieve your desired weight1.

The concept consists of 3 components:

Meal replacement: With Figu Active, you can easily replace two out of three meals a day1. The delicious shakes, soups, flakes and bars are prepared quickly.

Diet companion: Pro Balance and Protein Power provide you with nutrients during your diet and support muscle growth2. The herbal fasting tea provides calorie-free for your water balance.

Weight loss Coach: You get exclusive online access to your personal weight loss coach with weekly plans, prescriptions, weight tracking, community, fitness videos and more.


Body Mission 28 days SET -Tasty meals(2 x figu active shakes of your choice in the following flavours: strawberry banana,vanilla or latte macchiato) -1 x Figu Active soup of your choice in the following flavours: Tomato Mediterrian,Potato-Aubergine or Vegetable curry India) -1 x Figu Active bar (6 pack) of your choice in the following flavours: Noougat,Strawberry-Yoghurt or Crunchy Caramel -1x Figu Active Flakes (Crispy Cranberry Sensible Diet Companions -1 x Pro balance Tablets -1 x Herbal Fasting Tea -1 x Protein Powder -1 x Powdered Drink Vanilla -1 x LR shaker Including portion can Weight-loss coach( Access to the online weight-loss coach and the community)



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