LR Health & Beauty Systems Review – Will This Work For You?

LR Health & Beauty Systems

I’ve said this over and over again, but finally a network marketing company that agrees. Star power is huge. Celebrity endorsement is one thing, but actually marketing exclusive star-branded products is genius.

LR Health & Beauty Systems has a dazzling line of products, and a business opportunity to back them up. While they’re off to a good start with the star-studded roundup featuring Bruce Willis, Heidi Klum, and Karolina Kurkova, let’s see if they pass all the tests of a good MLM company.

The Company

On their website, LR Health & Beauty Systems makes it clear from the start that they’re German. This, I think, signifies a certain level of quality to most of the world, Lufthansa Airlines problems aside.

LR Health & Beauty conducts its own research at its HQ in Ahlen (Germany). Product development is headed by top scientists in their field. For example, Ms. Sabine Larsen-Vefring, Head of Product Development Dietary Supplements, is the only European member on the board over at the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC). This is a humanitarian organization that works closely with the United Nations. They also have University professors on the advisory panel. That’s always a good thing.

They were established way back in 1985, and in their 30 years have expanded from Germany into Turkey, France, Poland, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Russia, Italy, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Switzerland, and Spain.

As Europe’s leading direct sales company, LR has about 1,000 employees and many more independent sales partners. The management team is rock solid with credentials and experience.

With a new bottling plant in Ahlen, modernization of the sales concept, and innovative new products for their 30th Anniversary this year, LR Health & Beauty is working on solid footing.

“In 2014, LR was again able to sustain its growth in local currency and recorded a significant increase in sales at constant foreign exchange rates.”

-Patrick Sostmann, LH Health & Beauty Spokesman

The Products

We already mentioned the star-oriented lineup of perfumes…and not all of them (but you get the idea). There are also the following categories of products:

  • Nutrition. Dietary supplements that help consumers with immunity, weight management, mental acumen, vitamins, and aging
  • Cosmetics. Aloe Vera products, and functional skin care with Microsilver anti-aging developed by LR, plus hair care and a line for men.

Their products have won awards and earned recognition from the following organizations:

  1. The SGS Institut Fresenius quality seal, which signals quality in raw materials.
  2. Dermatest seal which guarantees the testing methods plus consumer safety.
  3. International Aloe Science Council for Aloe Vera quality.

The Business Opportunity

  • There are no minimum sales requirements
  • AutoShip is not required
  • No obligation to purchase products or to recruit
  • Sell at parties, online, at vendor markets, or using the catalogue
  • Receive 40% trade margin on all products
  • 3 different company car plans
  • Partnership with VW Polo, and has given away 3000 company cars in the last 2-3 years
  • Monthly bonuses up to 21% on your own and on team sales
  • Travel rewards
  • Free training and support
  • Free recruitment website
  • Free webstore to sell products to customers

The only notable fact here is that this is still a purely European company. If you are from the US, Canada, UK, or Central or South America, or Asia, it’s a no-go. LR suggests contacting them to see what your options would be if you want to sell their products.

The Verdict

Well, if you’re currently living in any one of the 30 countries LH Health & Beauty operates in within Europe, and you can read English then I guess this review is for you. The company is solid, the products are pretty good, and the opportunity is pretty good: 40% profit margin is excellent! The car bonus is one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen – 3,000 given away in less than 3 years! Someone out there is reaping in the rewards with this business opportunity. It just ain’t anybody living in the Americas!



If you want to be part of this brilliant business idea and start to earn money immidiately contact us:

  • 00355699445985
  • Facebook: Edra Jazexhi

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