Direct Sales Job (Multi-Level Marketing German Company)

Direct sales as a second job

The concept behind direct sales is very simple: Products or services are sold by independent business partners, either as their main or second job. This saves cost-intensive advertising measures, expensive licences and profit margins of intermediaries: LR invests this money in the development of top-quality, innovative products, and in the compensation and training of its business partners.
Around the globe, approx. 70 million people work in direct sales. For many of them, what started as a second job has become their main occupation. Together, they generate direct sales turnover of 120 billion US$ annually.

The advantages of direct sales from the LR clients’ point of view

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  • High quality products at fair prices
  • Independence from business and store hours
  • Convenient shopping from home
  • High quality of advice and support

The advantages of direct sales from the LR partners’ point of view

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  • Easy to start as a second job
  • Long-term additional or principal income
  • Flexible working hours
  • Minimal start-up capital for founding a commercial enterprise
  • Comprehensive training and remuneration plan

What is the difference between direct sales and network marketing?

Traditional direct sales rewards sales partners for selling or providing products and services. Examples include sales representatives and selling at parties.

Network marketing is probably the most dynamic form of traditional direct sales. It enables sales partners to attract and supervise new sales partners. For supervising, training, motivating and managing these new sales partners, the sales partner receives additional perks, such as bonus payments.

In direct sales with network marketing, the remuneration system is therefore composed of two parts: the margin, on the one hand, and the bonus, on the other.

The history of earning money

Traditional direct sales is the primal form of trade with roots going back to before Christ. Even before our time, earning money was a strong incentive to travelling and selling self-produced goods. 

Later, in the Middle Ages, travelling salesmen were often also messengers and reporters. They enjoyed high social and economic standing. Marco Polo was one of the best known travelling salesmen of all time. Historians say we have him to thank for the bustling trade between the East and West.

A little later, in America, “Yankee Peddlers” went round their customers on foot. Those who had earned a little more, rode on horseback or even took a carriage to visit their customers.

However, it was not until the twentieth century that direct sales gained true prominence. The economic crisis, high levels of unemployment and the need to feed the family all made direct sales popular. Later, in the 1950s, the advent of home parties brought a new dimension to the business. Direct sales became established as a convenient way to earn money: clients would all meet at their host‘s home to see a product presentation and meet new friends.

The growth of direct sales now opened the door to success to them, too.

The importance of second jobs

The number of people looking or having to look for a second job has been growing for years. And, against this backdrop, it’s not just students that are turning to direct sales. 

There are many reasons that speak in favour of the attractive perspectives in direct sales. Macroeconomically and microeconomically, but also in terms of individual households, for buyers and vendors, there are many substantiated reasons to believe the segment will continue to boom.

As a “recommendation sector”, direct sales benefits from huge importance people set by personal recommendations when buying products. Recommended products are seen as more trusted and reliable and thus preferred by purchasers. Furthermore, direct sales is the most convenient shopping option. Comfortable shopping from home combined with high advice intensity are what make direct sales so successful.

Our direct sales partners benefit from these experiences and results taken from purchasing behaviour research. A second job that combines working from home, freely chosen working hours and independence with a minimum level of start-up capital is, naturally, very attractive. Many of our partners make the transition from second job to main occupation, further increasing the scope of our market.

Potential outside the USA is still far from exhausted and allows us to expect high international growth rates. The trend of ever more people taking on second jobs and looking for the right work-life balance are also driving direct sales forward.

But not all direct sales enterprises will be able to tap into this excellent outlook equally. Ever more companies in the sector are applying a “Code of Ethics”, like the one drawn up by the UVDV (Association of Direct Sales Enterprises) members, for example. The companies that are value-oriented, have high moral standards and assume responsibility will likely end up with a larger share of the international “direct sales pie”.

Combining family and career

According to latest surveys, combining career and family is an essential topic for 80% of the parents with children aged between 6 and 14 years. As soon as the children attend school, many mothers would like to restart working life and combine career and family. 

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However, it is not easy for many women to find a job which allows both. For combing career and family, the following criteria must be met:

  • freely chosen working hours
  • individual weekly working hours
  • at the same time perspectives to achieve more and a personal career

This is exactly what LR offers. With LR, many partners are able to live family life day by day, see their children growing up and return to working life at the same time.

Vera von Petzinger

Vera von Petzinger, LR sales partner and mother

For me the decisive advantage of working in direct sales, is the flexibility of the working hours. Combining family and career are no problem. On the one hand, I have time for my children, and on the other, I can tackle a demanding and professional challenge.

LR as proven part-time job

Part-time working with LR is perfect for setting up an attractive and safe extra income. Whether you undertake this second job in addition to your main occupation, as part-time job during studies or for supplementing your pension, is up to you. 

Fixed working hours or timetables often make it difficult to find an appropriate second job because working times are generally overlapping. However, not with LR. With LR, your second job commences when you have time! Freely chosen working hours are one of the major advantages if you are interested in a second job with LR. Further advantages of a part-time job with LR:

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  • total independence from store hours
  • sustainable and sound extra income
  • perspectives with regard to attractive increase in income

Over 100,000 people around the globe work part-time for LR. The income you generate depends on the time you invest and on your commitment. Extra income of EUR 400 per month and above is easily possible with LR.

LR as main occupation

Do you know any company that offers you unlimited career opportunities still today? Do you know any company in which the superior does not mind if you are better than he is and you climb up the career ladder faster than he does? Do you know any company that even offers you the opportunity to become a millionaire?

A career with LR

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A career with LR starts like any other. With diligence, perseverance and the will to succeed. However, to climb up the career ladder to the top, it is of utmost importance to have objectives.

Those with a clear vision are significantly more successful in achieving their goals than those who are only dreaming. This is reflected in a mission statement of successful LR partners: “Don’t dream your life, live your dream!”


Welcome to LR

7-days on-boarding programme
to support a successful start

Content-Become-LR-Partner 2

Everyone has the chance to become successful with LR. To make sure that new sales partners quickly find their way around the LR world, LR has developed a 7-days on-boarding programme. During the starting week, every new LR partner receives valuable information about the company, the career opportunities and the products.

LR wants every newcomer to feel welcome and get on board quickly. This is why LR has developed a comprehensive and modern package with attractive materials: personal and emotional videos giving interesting insights into the company, newsletters, websites and satisfaction surveys. The sponsor, the leader and the LR team work hand in hand and assist and advise the newcomers for a smooth start into the LR career.

LR makes continuous investments in the development of modern sales concepts which enable the sales partners to successfully establish their business. Not only the newcomers, but also the sponsors and leaders benefit from the 7-days on-boarding programme. They all receive personalised materials to support them with the optimum mentoring of the sales partners in their structures.


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