🎄Christmas gift suggestions🎄 1-To your enemy,FORGIVENESS. 2-To an opponent,TOLERANCE. 3-To a friend, YOUR HEART. 4-To a customer, SERVICE. 5-To all, CHARITY. 6-To every child,A GOOD EXAMPLE. 7-To yourself, RESPECT Advertisements

Welcome December!

Mire se vjen muaji im i dashur e i magjishem DHJETOR!! Muaji i te Zjarrteve, Filozofeve, Femijenoreve, Te Sinqerteve, Shpirtpasterve, Te Drejteve, Guximtareve e Optimisteve te pasherueshem SHIGJETARE, qe e shohin gjithmone goten gjysem plot, qe dhurojne drite, miresi e buzeqeshje kudo qe jane…. (Pertej modestive😝) Nese mundesh, bej qe te pakten per kete muaj…

If you can dream it…You can do it!

Don’t let anyone ruin your optimism! Grab every opportunity that is given to you and stay motivated in order to achieve whatever you want to!

Red Sexy Dress

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Ksamil 2017

Ksamil is a village, centered in Saranda in the south of Albania. It is a little piece of haven. It’s white sand under the crystal water, the three green islands really close to the shore and the warm weather makes it perfect to be there during the summer days.